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Maternity and children’s hospital in Ukraine ‘destroyed’ by Russian shelling – BBC News

Russian forces surrounding the southern port city of Mariupol have destroyed a maternity hospital, Ukraine said. Members of staff and women in labour were among those wounded, officials said. President…

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Ukraine: Svitlodarsk residents react to Russian shelling

Ukraine: Svitlodarsk residents react to Russian shelling: A hotel, restaurant and nursery centre in the Russian-controlled city of Svitlodarsk were hit by shelling on Monday 80 kilometres southwest of Sievierodonetsk….

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Sanctioned Russian oligarchs 'exploited' UK secrecy loophole – BBC Newsnight

According to a US Senate committee investigation in 2020, Arkady and Boris Rotenberg – judo partners of the Russian president – used a type of company to dodge anti-money laundering…

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Ukraine War special report: soldiers in Kharkiv take on the Russian army – BBC News

Ukraine’s military claim that in many areas they are now pushing back Russia’s invading forces. The city of Kharkiv is 25 miles from the Russian border. It’s faced relentless Russian…

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EU told to prepare for Russian gas shut-off – BBC News

The European Commission has urged countries across the bloc to cut their gas use by 15% from August to March amid fears Russia could halt supplies, saying the target is…

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Ukrainian troops pinned down by Russian fire in key frontline village – BBC News

Ukraine says it’s pushed Russian troops right back to the border near the city of Kharkiv. Ukrainian forces have been counter attacking and retaking territory in the north-east of the…

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Kyiv under attack as Russian missile strikes hit the Ukrainian capital – BBC News

Video has emerged of the apartment building near Kyiv’s Zhuliany airport that was struck earlier on Saturday. The pictures show a hole covering at least five floors that were blasted…

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Putin speech: Russian president says navy will have new hypersonic missiles soon

Nearly 1,800 soldiers like Maksim Kochetkov, 20, (pictured left) are refusing to follow Vladimir Putin’s order to attack Ukraine and are instead being held in penal colonies or dark ‘torture…

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Explosions heard in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv as Russian forces capture airbase nearby – BBC News

There have been more explosions heard in the Ukrainian capital. Reuters news agency say blasts caused by artillery rounds have been heard, along with intense gunfire in western districts of…

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Sole survivor of Russian firing squad escaped execution by playing dead – BBC News

Taxi driver and father of four, Ivan Skyba, was one of a group of Ukrainian men defending their suburban street near Kyiv at the start of the war. He narrowly…