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Queen Elizabeth II: ‘Gentle giant’ horse Apollo taking part in Her Majesty's funeral procession

Queen Elizabeth II: ‘Gentle giant’ horse Apollo taking part in Queen’s funeral procession | A horse known as a “gentle giant” is to take part in the funeral procession of…

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Giant sheep named Sheila gets first trim in six years – Daily Mail

A giant sheep found with a massive overgrown fleece after she wandered off a farm has had her first trim in six years. The ewe – dubbed ‘Sheila the sheep’ –…

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Circus performer falls 30ft from giant spinning wheel – Daily Mail

Colombian acrobat Navas Haurigui, 23, was minutes into his act at Gandeys Circus in Guernsey when he was sent tumbling from the apparatus. He landed on his back and his…

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Miliband uses a giant stone to make a symbolic commitment – Daily Mail

Ed Miliband, who was accused of ‘hubris on a Biblical scale’ after unveiling an 8ft tablet inscribed with Labour’s manifesto commitments yesterday, insisted today he did not regret the decision….

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Giant concrete dominoes fall to start UK festival – BBC News

More than 7,000 concrete dominoes have fallen to start the 250th Norfolk and Norwich Festival. The dominoes stretched between Anglia Square and The Forum in Norwich, with some even going…

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Giant eight-month-old baby balloons to a whopping 38lbs – Daily Mail

Chahat Kumar, eight months, from Punjab, India, weighs a similar amount to that of a four-year-old. Her parents blame it on ‘God’ and her quadruple-sized portions of food, but they…