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Kyiv under attack as Russian missile strikes hit the Ukrainian capital – BBC News

Video has emerged of the apartment building near Kyiv’s Zhuliany airport that was struck earlier on Saturday. The pictures show a hole covering at least five floors that were blasted…

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Explosions heard in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv as Russian forces capture airbase nearby – BBC News

There have been more explosions heard in the Ukrainian capital. Reuters news agency say blasts caused by artillery rounds have been heard, along with intense gunfire in western districts of…

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Ukraine's capital braced for Russian onslaught – BBC News

Russian forces are reported to have reached the eastern edge of Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, as they encircle the city. More than half the city’s population is said to have fled….

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Ukraine capital Kyiv facing dangerous moment, mayor says – BBC News

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko has announced a 35-hour curfew for people in the capital, warning “today is a difficult and dangerous moment”. It comes after Russian air strikes hit residential…

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Russian military moves into firing positions around Ukraine capital Kyiv – BBC News

The Russian military convoy that had been outside Kyiv appears to be on manoeuvers, taking up positions around towns near Kyiv. US officials say that Russian forces have moved closer…

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Rockets hit Ukrainian capital Kyiv as UN chief visits the city – BBC News

Rockets hit Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, during the UN Secretary General’s visit to the city, in which he criticised his own organisation’s … Rockets hit Ukrainian capital Kyiv as UN chief…

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Massive explosion rips through Lebanese capital Beirut – BBC News

A massive explosion has torn through the Lebanese capital Beirut. Dozens of people are known to have been killed in the blast with many more unaccounted for — officials say…

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What World Leaders Think of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

Global and regional leaders warned of the dangers of declaring Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. President Trump announced the change on Wednesday. U.N., European Union and Pope Criticize Trump’s Jerusalem Announcement…

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Gunman Kills 5 in ‘Targeted Attack’ on Capital Gazette Newsroom | NYT News

A suspect in the shooting, who had a history of conflict with the newspaper, has been charged with five counts of first-degree murder. More from The New York Times Video:…

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Heavy fighting near Ukraine's capital Kyiv – BBC News

People in the town of Irpin have been seen running to escape Russian bombardment. At least three people are reportedly killed fleeing the town of Irpin, after Russian mortar shells…