Shocking moment grain store explodes after collapsing – Daily Mail

A silo filled with corn toppled over and caused an explosion at White Farms Inc in Switz City, Indiana on Monday afternoon. The terrifying explosion was caught on video and posted online. Jordan White posted the video on Monday and it quickly had millions of views. His relative Jake White said the family had owned the silo for more than five years and had filled it a number of times without any problems until Monday. The video shows the silo slowly tipping over until it finally fell and all the corn flooded out, hitting three power boxes that ignited the corn dust and created the explosion. The onlookers immediately back away and scream, but the fire extinguishes itself quickly. As the dust settles and the person filming slowly walks closer and simply says: ‘Another day at the farm’ before the two and a half minute video ends. By Tuesday night, the video had been viewed more than 9million times.

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Shocking moment grain store explodes after collapsing – Daily Mail – Latest news

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